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27 January 2012 @ 04:18 pm
A Mix of Rain and Tears 1/2  
Title: A Mix of Rain and Tears
Author: JaZmin3 (aka ticklemeyello)
Fandom: SHINee
Pairing: 2min
Story Type: Two-shot
Rating: PG-13
Warning: A bit angst-y
A/N: Inspired by an old 'fling', I guess you could say. Except it was never this dramatic! :)

Truth is, I liked you too. I just didn't think you liked me back.

Taemin squints down at the screen partially concealed by his long jacket sleeves. It takes a few seconds for the words to register in his mind. When they do, there's no change in his demeanor.

Yawning as he tucks away his phone, Taemin thinks sullenly, Today's going to be a long day.

“He's had a crush on you since last year, you know.”

No, Taemin did not know, and even now, he doesn't believe it. Which is why he doesn't exactly know how to answer that statement.

“Good for him,” he settles on as he sucks on the straw of his banana milk bottle with a blank expression.

The blonde second year sees rather than hears Kibum's sigh in the crowded college campus cafeteria.

We should talk more.

It's directly after dance practice when he receives another text.

Taemin is sweaty and tired, but the physical aches don't match up to the mental exhaustion he feels settle into him as he spares a glance at the tiny Korean lettering.

Don't, he thinks, straight faced. Don't make me do this.

“He broke up with her for a reason.”

Taemin lifts his eyes from the interesting Psychology book he had previously consumed word for word, to find a teary eyed Jonghyun glaring hatefully at him.

And Taemin sighs, because out of all of the soccer captain's henchmen, did he really have to chose Jonghyun, the emotional puppy?

“What are you implying?” Taemin smiles tactfully as he glances back at his book. Did he really travel all the way to the library just to plead for his best friend's case?

“You know that he's changed f-” thankfully, the elderly librarian shushes the older boy in the middle of his sentence.

Taemin sees shame, anger, and sorrow swimming in Jonghyun's tear rimmed eyes before the upperclassman storms away. As always, Jonghyun stuck true to his rumored personality.

We should talk more.

The second time he finds the text message, it's after his last class of the day.

Unlocking his iPhone with a flick of his finger, Taemin stares exasperatedly at the new alert.

Why? Taemin thinks- no wails, There's nothing left to say.

“Why don't you give him another chance?”

Taemin doesn't turn from his numerous textbooks.

“He doesn't deserve one.”

Jinki, always the caring and considerate soccer club manager, slips into the seat in front of his. “Everyone deserves a second chance,” he begins, but pauses to reevaluate his point. “Even cheaters.”

Taemin sets down his pencil in one fluid, controlled motion.

He takes a second to look at his Hyung, the only soccer club member he can stand, and says, slowly but surely, with not a hint of despair or regret, “Once a cheater, always a cheater.”

How was your day?

Taemin actually stops in his tracks at the message that appears on his cell phone screen.

It's nothing special, just a greeting, but it has Taemin stop and think.

Well then, Taemin scoffs inwardly. This is a first.

Out of all of his messages, it's the only one that has Taemin thinking back to the old days. The days when greeting were just too lame for the king of the campus.

Is it true, something's changed?

“Face the truth already! Why can't you just grow up? He's in love with y-”

For the first time in his life, Taemin resorts to violence.

He drops his workbook and throws the first thing he sees. Unfortunately for Kibum, it's a vase.

The glass arcs beautifully before smashing into pieces against the door frame right next to his face. As usual, Taemin finds that his aim is almost flawless.

Kibum slides to the floor, all the fight drained out of him at the sudden display of anger from his youngest friend.

“Just go,” Taemin's smooth, emotionless voice hides tears prickling his eyes, and it's a good thing he's faced away from Kibum in their dorm room.

Kibum scrambles out the door.


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How you feeling?: amusedamused
Whatcha' listening to?: Never Gonna Let You Go - Faith Evans