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19 January 2012 @ 06:19 pm
5 Reasons Why I Hate Him 2/?  

Title: 5 Reasons Why I Hate Him
Author: JaZmin3 (aka [info]ticklemeyello)
Genre: SHINee, romance, angst, shounen-ai, slash, friendship
Pairing(s): 2Min and ninja!JongKey
Story Type: Mini-Series!!
Rating: PG-13ish
A/N: Another one of my old mini-series, gone unfinished... Luckily for me and those who actually enjoy this series, I'll struggle to continue it! :) So, enjoy angst-y 2Min!

Summary: Taemin loves and loves, but Minho grits his teeth and keeps on pushing.

The Difference Between Love and Hate

"Hyung," Taemin mumbled into the shoulder of the only person he could trust with his secrets. "It happened again, today..."

Jinki could hear the tortured emotion in his dongsaeng's voice and clasped his shoulder in response. "Are you feeling alright? Was it that bad?"

Taemin sighed as he lifted his forehead and gazed into soft, chocolate eyes. "It was terrible, Hyung. He told me to leave him in the pouring rain, and when I turned back, he hadn't even looked at me."

Jinki pitied their maknae and found his situation horribly tragic. He felt strongly over his issues considering the youngest reminded him of his own state of affairs. As fate would have it, both of them were suffering from an unrequited love. Jinki was currently struggling to forget about his past crush on SHINee's Diva Key whose maybe-a-relationship with Jonghyun had led him down a path of pain once before.

Taemin yearned to end his fruitless love for the Flaming Charisma. Choi Minho seemed to want nothing to do with SHINee's Maknae and every member could see how tense their relationship was.  But Lee Taemin was a strong high schooler and if it hadn't been for his Hyung's mixed signals, he probably would've given up his feelings. And those signals were what tortured him.

Minho was usually cold and unfeeling, but once SHINee stepped foot on a recording studio or variety show, he would treat Taemin as if they were best friends! Hugs, tickles, smiles, and sometimes even kisses...  Every gentle touch made his heart race. But all those deceiving, intimate notions were taking their toll on the confused Maknae. Because they tricked him.

Tricked him into falling deeper and deeper in love with his cruel Hyung.

Silence stretched between the two before a door slamming shut signaled a member's return home.

"Key Hyung?" Taemin was the first to get up from their shared spot on Jinki bed and make his way to the front. Hearing no hum of happiness, the maknae peeked his head into the kitchen to find a person most unexpected.

"Minho Hyung?" Dark chocolate pupils met his dark hazel and it surprised them both to find each other in the very place they had thought would be a safe-haven.

Taemin watched Minho's grip tighten against the half-empty glass he was holding as his eyes remained distant. "Are you the only one home?"

What a random question... "No," Taemin shook his head childishly as he shuffled to lean his hip against the opposite side of the kitchen counter. "Jinki Hyung is here, too."

The protesting screech of a wooden chair being dragged across the floor made Taemin wince. "I'm leaving now."

Minho's announcement was like a blow to the gut for the hopeful maknae as he watched Minho make his way to the exit beside Taemin.

And without thinking, he grabbed his wrist.

Minho jumped as if he had been electrocuted as he turned his head towards the clinging hand. "What is it?"


"What do you want?" His voice was strained, as if struggling to hide something.


Minho was smart to stay silent; he understood what Taemin had begun to talk about. Yet he wouldn't utter a word.

"Why are you being like this?" Taemin had always wondered but this was his first time confronting the wordless Minho.

And still no reply from the stone-faced elder.

"Why won't you talk to me?" Still whispering, Taemin tightened his hold on his Hyung's forearm.

Growing tired of no answer, Taemin decided that it was now or never. "Why won't you ever talk to me!"

It was more of a yell than a question and both were shocked at the power in the maknae's voice.

"Why do you think?" Minho finally shouted, fuming for absolutely no reason. Shaking his hand out of Taemin's grip, he wrapped his palms around the wrists of their maknae, fingers overlapping. He then proceeded to push the teenager against the fridge as their chests hit.

"Do you think I like this? That I asked for this? Why is it me? Why can't you leave me alone? Just one more month and maybe this could've been over," Taemin had no words to describe how Minho's husky voice was making him tremble as his breath hit his ears. And he could understand nothing of what he was saying, either. "But no, you just had to butt in, like always!"

Both were out of breath and panting. His face is so close, Taemin thought as he smelled the other boy's cologne. Hmm, honey scent... He finally peeked into the eyes of the one he'd always dreamed of. But what he saw in Minho's eyes stopped Taemin's ogling.

Pain, clear as day, half-hidden by a breaking layer of restraint. Unimaginable passion and yearning screaming in the chocolate depths with a hint of anger. Taemin knew no pain such as this. Why? What could've caused all these swirling emotions in his Hyung? Was it himself?

"You know what's the worst?" Taemin didn't get a chance to answer before Minho answered his own question. "It's always there, that desire... But I won't take it out on you. I refuse to!"

Taemin was shocked. Nothing made sense anymore. What was that feeling in the pit of his stomach? No it wasn't heavy or painful... It was just light, sort of uncomfortable.

The skinny maknae decided that he'd rather act without thinking, again. "Why don't you?" The whisper was hushed and only them two could hear it clearly.

What am I saying? screamed his conscience. Taemin watched his Hyung's eyebrows furrow for half a second.

Without warning, the tallest lifted his chin and smashed their lips together. Taemin automatically complied and kissed back, knowing that there would probably be no other chance to do the unthinkable.

A sweet mix of strawberry and banana met his thirsty tongue and Taemin found the unfamiliar, exotic taste of Minho mesmerizing. His only concern was the slight hint of beer...

But there was no time to think.

It was sloppy, and rough, but neither could deny the strong attraction pushing them to continue. Taemin was pretty sure his lips were bruised by then, but did it matter? When your kissing the person you've only dreamed of, passionately, it really doesn't.

Freeing his hands from Minho's slackened grip, Taemin clutched at the the brunette's slightly-damp jacket and kissed with all the passion in his heart. Because God had given him this one moment to savor and lock as a memory. No matter that Minho probably didn't feel the same, no matter that if anybody would see, chaos would erupt. All they had was that moment. And Taemin was determined to cherish it.

Just as the maknae was getting comfortable, he felt Minho pull away reluctantly. Sliding to the floor after the mind blowing kiss, he gazed up to find an almost disapproving expression on the his face. But his eyes were screaming for more.


"It's disgusting." And though Minho's groans and moans moments ago would contradict that, Taemin felt his heart shatter.

He didn't have the strength to get back up, neither the strength to chase after the one who had coveted his first kiss.

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minho you asshole!!!!!
taeminnie :(

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