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17 January 2012 @ 03:41 pm
Love For Forever  

Title: Love For Forever

Author: JaZmine

Genre: Alien, Romance, Experiment, Shounen-ai

Pairing: JongKey

Story Type: One-Shot

Rating: PG(?) Beware, it's beyond fluffy...

A/N: This is one of my older one shots that I haven't uploaded on to my livejournal. As you can guess, I caught the idea in the middle of watching the movie, 'I Am Number Four'. So, yeah: Alien theme!! Anyway, this is JongKey based, but I'm thinking of doing a sequel if enough people ask for one. The thing is, this is really fluffy, like so fluffy, it's cheesy. So, beware!

It's JongKey! And SeKyung makes an appearance!~~

Summary: Their love is sacred, their love is special. Their love is also interracial. It's forbidden and unheard of, but Jonghyun doesn't care.

Love For Forever

"Jonghyun!" SeKyung muttered warningly, releasing then positioning her scythe to block her companion's path. "Do you have any idea what is at stake here?"

Jonghyun stared at her, his joyful gaze becoming cold and emotionless in moments. "I know exactly what I'm doing. I'm following my heart."

"You can't do this," SeKyung pulled her free hand through her long, midnight strands as she ripped her gaze away from his intimidating stare. "Years of extensive research will have gone to waste..."

"You knew it would end this way, you told me to see where my heart took me," Jonghyun whispered, warm breath hitting her cheek as he stepped closer to his obstruction.

"I admit, that's what I said, but I didn't think it would attract you to a human male!" SeKyung sighed as she lowered her weapon and the two relaxed. "I'm extremely happy that you found somebody, but I don't approve of the reaction that we will get from Minho once he hears of this."

"I don't care about what he'll do," Jonghyun sighed as he thought back on his human lover.

Glossy, raven hair, spotless-white skin like a porcelain doll, soft, warm hands, long legs that seemed too elegant to fit on a male body, chocolate brown eyes with deep emotions that could awaken anybody's cold heart.

But their love was forbidden.

Kim Jonghyun was an alien. He was not human and originated from the planet Rhoyn. Undetected by humans, Rhoynians were blessed with beauty and strength unlike any other intergalactic race and charms that no mortal could ever ignore.

Jonghyun was a highly-gifted adolescent Rhoynian with a special ability to seduce any living creature. He had been sent on a highly-anticipated experiment with his equally-talented and closest friend, Shin SeKyung. Their mission: To discover if romance and/or reproduction between their kind and homosapiens was possible and to gather as much information on the human species as they could.

SeKyung had found many specimen falling prey to her traps and easily discovered many things; but none of her victims had been able to touch her heart... Jonghyun had the same deal going on. But he had already found the one for him.

Yes, his true love, Kibum.

"He's calling for me," Jonghyun whispered as he listened to the familiar yet distant thoughts being transported to his mind.

"Wait," SeKyung grabbed on to her companion's sleeve as he made his escape out the front door. "Minho and the others are visiting tonight, what am I supposed to say?"

"Think something up, you're a bright girl!" Jonghyun had already escaped from her grasp and called from the sidewalk.

"Ugh..." SeKyung's groan was muffled by her face-palm.


"I'm back, my love," Jonghyun's warm breath brushed over Kibum's sensitive ear and the younger of the two turned away from the sunset view to look at the man he'd been yearning for.

"You're late," Kibum pouted and his cheeks turned a rosy red as his boyfriend blew his bangs away from his shy eyes.

"I am sorry," Jonghyun smiled as he gathered his lover in his arms. They were currently standing at the balcony of Kibum's home and nobody was there to watch the two lovers in action.

"You are just so slow in admitting that you miss me..." Kibum squirmed nervously and looked at the ground. His pride made it impossible to reveal just how much he had been craving the elder's company.

"My heart, I can feel what you feel, why can't you ever confess to me?" Jonghyun was talking about the bond they shared. He lifted Kibum's forehead to press directly against his. So the mortal was forced to gaze into his hypnotic eyes. No reply came, so Jonghyun chose to take matters into his own hands.

"I love you."

"... I'm scared..." Kibum finally mumbled, the truth being revealed at last.

"Of what, my Princess?" Jonghyun tightened his grip around his Kibummie's waist and his smile widened as he enjoyed the faint smell of vanilla coming off of his lover and his growing blush.

Kibum knew that his heart belonged to a man from a different species. That truth had been the first bump in the road for the couple, but Kibum had eventually realized that his heart wouldn't beat without the other at his side. And he couldn't imagine a day without seeing his charming smile. It didn't matter that they were so very different, because both were crazy about each other.

But now, that was the only thing standing in the way.

"Us," Kibum looked deep into Jonghyun's eyes, hating how vulnerable he was, but hoping that it wouldn't show.

Unfortunately for him, Jonghyun could read Kibum's emotions like an open book. You probably could too, if you spent your every waking moment thinking of that face which Jonghyun had memorized by heart.

"I thought you said that you weren't scared of me," Jonghyun frowned for the first time since entering the large home.

"Not you, but our relationship," Kibum took a deep breath as he anchored his back against the balcony railing. "I don't want to lose a love like ours..." Jonghyun smiled softly, his melodic laughter turning Kibum's face into a tomato.

"Don't worry over that, my love. I am yours and always will be." Jonghyun brought Kibum's arms around his shoulders and then went back to placing his own on the Diva's tiny waist.

"Do you promise?" Kibum held his breath as he became suddenly conscious that their lips were only centimeters apart.

"I don't need to," Jonghyun brought his face impossibly closer. "Because my kind loves differently from yours. We love for forever."

Kibum knew that what his lover was saying held truth, but he couldn't help but doubt their happily-ever-after. "We can't last. I'll eventually graduate from college and travel the world and you will leave Earth and have children on your home planet with a stunning wife and we won't ever see each other again and-" Kibum's ranting was horrible.

"Kibummie," Jonghyun tsked as he recovered from the shock he'd gotten from what the youngster had said. "No matter how your heart may begin to beat for another and you might change over time, you'll always be my Princess. And my heart will always belong to you, regardless of where in the universe I am," Jonghyun embraced the love-struck, speechless Kibum.

Suddenly, all of Kibum's worries over the future began to disappear. Because he discovered the sincerity in his lover's words. And he realized that despite Jonghyun's worries over his feelings fading, Kibum knew that him falling out of love wasn't a possibility. How could the Princess survive without her Prince by her side? And with that thought in mind, Kibum bravely pushed his lips against his lover's. The two shared an innocent first kiss in the glowing sunset.


"So he found his soulmate, hasn't he?" Minho sighed, not reacting the way SeKyung had earlier expected.

"Ooh," SeKyung lifted her brows in surprise. "I hadn't thought that you would approve..."

"Well this makes the research more interesting," Minho explained as the two continued their conversation over experimental progress. "Male with male interactions will need to be tested, as well."

SeKyung giggled as she thought of the two lovebirds. "So you were really alright with this outcome?"

"Not at the beginning," the scientist confessed. "But Jonghyun wouldn't be able to avoid his lover even if I had ordered him."

"Really?" SeKyung was confused. "Why not?"

"You probably don't know this because you haven't met your soulmate yet, but," Minho smiled as the thought of his test subject and friend, Jonghyun. "Once a Rhoynian has found his true love, separation will literally kill him."

"Are you serious?" SeKyung could only imagine the pain.

"Yes, because he can't bear leaving his heart's other half."

Where are you?: hospital bed
How you feeling?: sicksick
Whatcha' listening to?: Because I Don't Know How To Love - F.T. Island
kay.sakay on January 18th, 2012 01:06 am (UTC)
Well, this was strangely nice. xD

Definitely unlike what I'm used to reading. xD

It was really sweet, and the cheese had me smiling like an idiot at my computer. :3

Are you going to continue this possibly? Because I would love to see how it goes. :3
JaZmin3ticklemeyello on January 18th, 2012 02:36 am (UTC)
Believe me, it was a strangely nice experience writing this! :) Yeah, I decided that I will do a sequel! I'll link to it after I post on my comm, so watch or join if you'd like. So do you prefer the main focus being on Jonghyun's romantic affairs? Or Minho's blossoming love? >.< I can't decide...
rayflo: Key chu~rayflo on January 24th, 2012 10:39 pm (UTC)

Too cute for words! x3

JaZmin3ticklemeyello on January 24th, 2012 11:09 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much for reading! I'm glad you liked it. :3