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13 January 2012 @ 05:01 pm
Forgotten Memories 2/?  

Title: Forgotten Memories
Summary: Minho raised Taemin, they'll forever share a bond even through vast distances. When the two reunite in the boy band, SHINee, Minho discovers that his dongsaeng has no recollection of their youth together.
Story Type: series
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: 2min

2: Forsaken

“Minho, meet Taemin,” all the memories came back as Manager Hyung 'introduced' them.

Taemin looked into his big, brown eyes for a few seconds.

And for those few seconds, Minho's hope still lived. The chance that he might still remember him plagued his mind like a disease. There was almost no chance, but still, he hoped. He hoped like a fool.

The maknae of the group presented his hand. “I'm Taemin, it's really nice to meet you!”

And in that moment, Minho's hope died. Like a bullet to his brain, a quick death filled with lasting pain. To keep the idea in his head, to be thinking constantly of him, to be holding high hope, for so many years...

“Hello, I'm Minho,” and yet, he couldn't shed a tear. All the pain he was going through now, would eventually fade, wouldn't it? And true to his quiet nature, Minho's mysterious face hid his true feelings. He held the tears for as long as he could. Until night fell.

The grass crumpled beneath his feet. It was unusually cold for a spring night but Minho didn't mind. He was too numb to feel anything.

In all aspects of the word, he was a fool. A fool for his dongsaeng. The dongsaeng that he'd spent years practically raising and caring for. And he'd forgotten him. As if he was an acquaintance.

Minho's self-pitying was interrupted by an unwelcome sight.

Taemin sat on the park railing, wearing only a light sweater and skinny jeans, looking out at the dying flowers that had been planted by the nearby elementary school's kindergarten class a few weeks earlier. His eyes were squinted, as if he was trying to think back on something, but failing.

Minho's heart thumped at an irregular pace as he gazed at the face of the boy who'd once looked up to him, like they were brothers.

Then he remembered the happenings earlier that day, and he began to walk back slowly.

Unfortunately, he ended up stepping on a branch, making a loud snapping sound which caught the attention of the previously distracted Taemin.

“Minho Hyung? Is that you?” Taemin's voice was surprised and he smiled at the new company. “Would you like to sit beside me?”

“Ah-Actually...” Minho stuttered but knew that it'd be considered rude if he declined for no reason. “Sure."

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Hold me; Tease me; Kiss me; Squeeze me <3itsjustjodie on January 19th, 2012 02:40 am (UTC)
taeminnie omgmggg thanks for the update!!
JaZmin3ticklemeyello on January 19th, 2012 02:45 am (UTC)
No, thank YOU for reading:D!!

More 2min coming to the comm soon! ;P
confusion_hime on January 19th, 2012 09:59 am (UTC)
My... heart is bleeding... for Minho. That's so sad. Why? Why did Taemin forgive him? I wanted to read more. *pouts* But this was a great update. Excited for the next chapter. XD