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12 March 2012 @ 03:58 pm
Drabbles on Shuffle @ My Sister's Basketball Game  
Author: JaZmin3 (aka [info]ticklemeyello)
Story Type: Drabbles
Rating: PG - PG-13
Pairing: 2Min
A/N: So, I haven't been on LiveJournal in a while because I've been so busy (yeah, I know, lame excuses are lame...XP) but I'm slowly trying to get myself into the habit of automatically updating at least twice a week! So, I hope you guys are still wanting some SHINee fics, cuz' my notebook's filled with random drabbles, one shots, and series' ideas:3

But for right now, here's some small drabbles that I wrote a few weeks back to (hopefully) satisfy you guys 'till I can fully resume 'Forgotten Memories'.

(FYI, drabbles are titled under the name of the song that I listened to at the time.)

Miracle - Cascada
  "I'm sorry."
  Taemin dies a little at his words, because in all the Korean dramas, when somebody confesses his love to you, you wouldn't say, 'I'm sorry' in return.
  "What?" the flustered sophomore asks in confusion.
  "I can't accept your feelings," and Minho bows. He bows.
  "...Can I ask you something?" Taemin knows this is screwed up, but he can't help but wonder, "Why not?"
  "You'll just get hurt; you did before," Minho sniffles and looks down to avoid the other boy's gaze.
  Taemin remembers. He remembers loving Minho and being cheated on in the end.
  But just like always, he can't help the way he feels.

Get It - SHINee
PG-13 for suggestive-ness...
  "Hyung," Taemin groans, his eyes roaming the sheet of lyrics.
  "It's okay Minnie..." Minho struggles to joke, but honestly, these lyrics are no help.
  "Where did you get this from?" Taemin turns to Jonghyun whose mischevious smile does nothing to soothe his stomach.
  "Hey, I'm a lyricist, not a poet," the shorter man cries out in exasperation, grabbing the maknae's copy before leaving the recording studio.
  "I can't rap to this!" Minho sighs, admitting defeat to the overly explicit nature of their new song.
  "It's okay, Hyung," Taemin says, his voice taking a tone that Minho finds himself unfamiliar with.
  The elder glances up from the crumpled sheet of stationery to find a lustful Taemin, eyes darkened slightly.
  And Minho's scared, not only for Taemin, but himself.
  What will Key think? He won't like me getting it on with his 'baby'.
  One glance at the maknae's pink, peeking tongue, and all Minho's worries are suddenly thrown out the window.

Don't Trust Me - 3OH!3
AU, PG-13 for drug mention
  Taemin lives for this moment: after all the meticulous disguises and the discreet meetings, and before the next flight to God-only-knows-where.
  When everybody has gone and all the boy has is himself, comes his trustful knight in all black.
  "Hey," Taemin says because even though he can't see the big eyed buffoon, he can still feel him.
  In a second, his cigarrette is pulled from his lips and a pair of dark, calculating, angry eyes look into his own.
  "Drugs kill."
  "So do you," Taemin retorts obnoxiously.
  Taemin feels his lips before tasting them.
  With bruising force, he's kissed into their new hideout.
  As always, he lets himself be carried away.
  He trusts Minho too much to care what their next mission will be.

<3 Wait for my comeback, you guys! (LAWLS, just like we're all waiting for SHINee's)
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